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Plan your visit

Come for the Garden Ramble and stay for a while there is plenty to see and do.


Getting to Bundanoon is easy and there is a variety of accommodation available.


To see and do

Go on the garden ramble

Visit one or more of eight beautiful gardens in and around Bundanoon. Your ticket includes a brochure and map to guide you to each garden.

Take advantage of the free shuttle buses or use your own transport. 

Fresh Salad

Refreshments, including gelato are available in various open gardens; the famous Lions Club café will be open as always for business.

You'll find cafes and restaurants serving meals and snacks within walking distance of the village hall.

Fairy Bower Falls_1.jpeg
Explore Bundanoon

Stroll around the village for a working displaye  of old farm equipment in the main street and a history exhibition in the Old Goods Shed beside the railway line.

Shop at the markets in the village hall or one of the gift shops or the Bundanoon Bloomery.

Lookout over the gorges, Bundanoon is the gateway to the Morton National Park.

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