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2019 Garden Ramble


With magical views of the Morton National Park from the veranda of the property at 30 Rosenthal Avenue this stunning, cool climate garden  was designed in 2003 in the French formal style by the late Karen Hutchens.

Home to 28 pleached limes with fishpond & gazebo; the garden also contains many hydrangeas, hellebores, roses and bulbs. There is a magnificent hedge of white rhododendrons and well-established new and old deciduous trees scattered around the property.  An espalier fruit hedge surrounds the vegetable garden with its revamped out buildings.

 “We get the greatest joy from walking around the garden every morning planning what to do. We find it all very fulfilling and therapeutic. We see ourselves as caretakers for this lovely garden”.

Paxyongton – 12 Garland Road

Paxyongton’s 2.25 acres of undulating park-like grounds had been part of cleared pasture land of a dairy farm until the early 1980s when trees were planted enthusiastically around the new house. Tall specimen trees create intrigue offset by smaller trees and shrubs. Perennials, bulbs, ​Buddleias, Azaleas, Camellias and Rhododendrons provide spring colours, and the deciduous trees glorious Autumn hues.

Spaces for rest and contemplation are scattered around and two fire-pit areas provide spaces for sitting around the outdoor fire in the evening.


The garden provides a sanctuary for the owners, resident possum, wombat, lyrebirds and parrots.

9 Bromhall Road

This north facing garden is bathed in sunlight.  Established 12 years ago, the current owner becoming “custodian” two years ago after falling in love with the garden.


Ornamental pears, blossoms, maples, magnolias and camellias feature throughout. The colour pallet represented by every shade of green with splashes of silvers and reds.  More than 250 pots surround the house with colour. A water feature and eclectic collection of garden ornaments abound.

Pretty,  relaxing, abundant and nonconforming is how the owner describes the garden.

34 Bromhall Road

A garden of good bones is how the owner describes this elegant and uncluttered space.  With well constructed block walls and generous spaces, the garden is in its early stages of development, influenced by the owner’s love of France.


Black Velvet and Pierre de Roussard join the many climbing roses.   Helebores galore surround a weeping cherry, crab apples and healthy lavender in the sun drenched back yard. The heated glasshouse is home to lemon trees in the winter joined by cymbidium orchids, catllyeas, dendrobiums and sarcochilies.  The owner’s husband was a world orchid judge so these are a living reminder of him.

 10 Forward Close

When this2000 sqm property was purchased in 2008, there were no gardens to speak. The owners aimed to create  a series of connected gardens, each with their own style and character – borders, a cottage garden, a native garden, a more formal rose garden, extensive parterre-style vegetable garden and a Japanese inspired garden complete with Sango Kaku and weeping cherries.

The garden features a number of rare Japanese hydrangeas and bamboos, dwarf conifers and interesting cold climate plants such as Kalmia augustifolis and dwarf rhododendrons. 

Reflecting our changing climate a dry garden is being developed trialling drought-resistant plants such as grasses.

4 Greasons Road

This garden is mostly in full sun, allowing the owners to focus on roses and perennials; the ultimate effect cottage garden-ish.  It is also partly a work in progress as the old driveway is being converted into garden bed, lawn and veggie plot. 

The original Rose collection was mainly David Austins, and to that has been added a number of other roses, from Polyanthas to Heritage roses that are repeat flowering and scented. While the roses are the backbone, the perennials give the whole garden character and interest.  This garden is pretty, delicate and detailed.

150 Cornwall Road, Exeter

Set over 5 acres, this garden was first planted approximately 50 years ago.  The home is built from recycled convict bricks from the original Bank of Parramatta.


Large established conifers line the front boundary, Japanese and other maples are dotted around, sharing the spaces with large plantings of colourful dahlias, dogwood, lilacs, lavender and various coloured pendulous blooms of Chinese Lanterns.  There is a Summer House and a fragrant rose garden filled with a number of David Austen varieties , as well as other old fashioned roses.


A vegetable gardens stocked with heirloom tomatoes, Russian Kale, Tuscan cabbage, capsicum, strawberries, blueberries and many other herbs and vegetables.  Next to the dam a larger fruit and vegetable garden filled with plantings of raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, and numerous fruit trees.  These gardens are managed without pesticides so all of the home grown produce is clean and organic.

2A Lorna Close

Tall, thick hedges frame a garden of grassy spaces, secret corners, winding pathways lined with masses of plants.  Softly curving low hedges lead you to ‘rooms’ and whispering trees.   The sunny patio with a clever Star Jasmine in a diamond pattern, the rare trees, sculptured borders and restful garden gazebos create a visual feast.  

This is a garden that manages to be simultaneously both spacious and intimate.  It’s peaceful and practical with a fabulous chook house and working vegetable garden.  Colourful, playful and full of surprises, each garden room is different but subtly linked.   Set on one acre, this garden feels so much bigger with so much to see and do.   The garden combines the exotic and unusual with traditional planting.

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