A lovely 3-year-old garden, 60 metres X 60 metres, surrounded by garden boundaries that are 15 years old. This garden was once a horse paddock and then developed into the back garden of the original large garden that was cut in half to produce this block.

It is still a work in progress, with new plantings and other areas awaiting the development of trees and shrubs.

Competition from the resident Regents Bower Bird and his companions are making planting annuals a challenge, as he insists on removing flower heads for his bower!

Most shrubs have been propagated annually so are of various sizes. The recent planting of grevillea and bottlebrush in amongst the citrus at the front gate, has given the side garden another layer of interest.

The owners have definitely been hands on and have planned a garden for relaxation with access to year-round cut flowers.

Maples, dogwoods, ornamental pears, magnolias, hydrangeas, silver birch, camellias, rhododendrons, azaleas, roses, salvias, citrus, grevillea, conifers, Smokebush and prunus are some of the plants that produce the wonderful range of garden colours. Variegated colours with a multitude of shades of green, gold and burgundy create strong accents for the softer blooms that adorn this beautiful garden.