Carolyn’s beautiful garden with its breath-taking views across the escarpment towards Kangaroo Valley sits within Spinning Hill Farm. This tranquil garden was stripped to its bare bones thirteen years ago and since then has been lovingly improved by its owners. It contains a wide variety of trees including a driveway lined with nineteen majestic deodars. The five acre garden includes a silver birch copse, a grove of magnolias of many different varieties, an orchard of fruit trees including peach, plum and mulberry, horse chestnuts, a lipstick maple ‘October Glory’ and oak trees. Around the house and courtyard are pretty gardens of lavender, bulbs and natives. Larger gardens have also been created and planted with Plum, Lilac, Prunus, Cornus, Nyssa, Japanese Maple, Cherry and Conifers. May Bush, Escallonia and Sasanqua Camellia create both formal and informal hedges and screening from the farm. During spring, the duck pond with its huge over arching Banksia Rose is a joy to behold, as are the perfumed Apricot Nectar Roses planted beneath a circle of Birch Trees on the western side of the house. Strategically placed garden seats provide respite for visitors to relax, meditate or just soak up the garden views, and to take in the panoramic vistas of The Morton National Park.