This garden is fourteen years old and was named after the owner’s mother. The property is approximately twenty acres, half of which is natural bush adjoining the Moreton National Park. The block is flat with maximum privacy and the house is sited due north.

This is primarily a parkland garden with the focus on trees and shrubs rather than flower beds and high maintenance gardening. The foliage creates many shades of green with differing textures. Contrasting red foliage adds interest. The use of space in the design of the garden is paramount, resisting the urge to fill in all the areas, so the eye invites you to wander and explore from one point to the next. Various rooms and vistas are created such as, the avenues of silver maples leading to the dam. A gentle stroll from the house to the cascades and then on to the bush barbeque connects the garden to the borrowed landscape of bush.

There is an anti aviary over the orchard and vegetable garden. Close by is the owner’s studio which is open for viewing. Many of the paintings reflect the environment of Jean Flora. There are wonderful climbing roses on the aviary and spilling over trellises attached to the house.

All the rock work, water features, and planting have been done by the owner as there are no gardeners employed. Mount Murray Nursery has supplied many of the interesting species planted throughout the property one example being the Cornus Controversa (wedding cake tree). Others are the silver elms and a big selection of maples and conifers.