“Bonnie Doon” was four acres of bare land when purchased in September 2000 and planting of the garden commenced in early 2001. The goal was to establish a garden that would complement the passive solar straw bale home to be built in the years ahead (the building was commenced in February 2006). The goal of planting 60% native and 40% exotic trees was our guideline to enable us to ‘manage’ the property into our later years. Any tree that has self sown has been left to grow. It is now principally a property of trees with a rose garden, orchard and vegetable garden in place. We are self sufficient in providing water to the property; an environ-cycle manages all water waste and provides water to the garden as appropriate. Water from the dam is used around the block as needs be. We do not intentionally water the garden other than newly planted trees or shrubs. Some exotics have not survived the changing temperatures, but too much water would be needed at times of low rainfall to keep them going, so our philosophy has become survival needs to be natural, so to speak. We mulch every three years and use compost and other purchasable support annually.