Applegate Cottage and garden is the result of a long held dream and has a unique personality. The cottage and adjacent studios were designed and hand built by the owner and the cottage garden has developed using a laissez-faire no rules approach to garden design.

Two seventy year old apple trees stand as a salute to the original use of the property (an orchard). Bordering the front path are standard roses, Scabiosa, California Poppies, Hollyhocks, Pinks, Society Garlic, Chinese Star Jasmine, Nasturtiums, Hydrangeas and assorted Irises. A novel Bay Tree arch leads to a closer view of the Renae Rose.

A significant variety of roses are found throughout the garden. A pretty ‘streetscape’ is created from the front gate by New Dawn Climber, a driveway hedge of Penelope Roses and the front verandah festooned with Renae Climbing Roses. Following the driveway, Paul’s Lemon Pillar Rose drapes over the studio.

A greenhouse for seed germination and the striking of cuttings taken from existing plants is central to a compact enclosed vegetable garden, herb garden, a dedicated area for succulents and a mini orchard. Don’t forget to visit the Chook Nook! A Gold Bunny Rose rambles over the summer house which is complimented by the forty year old Magnolia tree and mini lily pond.
Nestled under the pine trees is a hand crafted wagon which is open for viewing. The wagon represents the owners Gypsy heritage.

A happy marriage of house and garden, a worm farm, compost area, quirky alfresco room and a plethora of inviting nooks in which to sit, quaff and relax!