3 Victoria Street.

You will see the tree before you see the house. The ribbon gum (E.Viminalis) behind “Ardara” is 7 metres in circumference, and a candidate for the oldest and biggest tree in Bundanoon, certainly pre-dating Jordan’s Crossing. Its huge crown gives our rear garden protection from the frosts.

‘Rambling’ describes our garden well. It has evolved gradually over the the 40 years we’ve been here, and in the years when we kept a house cow (we still keep chickens and bees). We wrote a book ‘a Year of Slow Food’ that describe a life of self sufficiency, week by week in and around a century old Bundanoon sandstone house. In our combined garden and orchard of nearly an acre, we grow 17 varieties of fruit, and many varieties of vegetables, which we allow, where possible to do their own thing. Much of our tomato and spinach crops for example self seed. Our asparagus patch has moved uphill over a metre in the past 20 years. We are fortunate to have deep black loam on the edge of red volcanic basalt, overlooking Morton National Park.

Gerda decided to open the garden for viewing this year to inspire garden lovers to grow more food, as you can only truly be sure food is organic if you grow it yourself. However we grow flowers too, mainly blue, bee friendly ones.

David and Gerda Foster