19 Garland Road

The main focus of this garden is the view to the east over Morton National Park and with this in mind we concentrated our planting around the perimeter of the 1.1 acre block and to the west and north of the house.

The biggest challenge has been the long, steep embankment along the frontage to the road. We have addressed this by constructing paths at the top and bottom and stone walls as much as possible to retain the soil, much and water.

The garden which was started around 12 years ago is an eclectic mix of exotics and natives, trees and shrubs rather than annuals (which, experience has taught, provide food for the rabbits).

Some of the features of the garden include:
• The fully enclosed vegetable garden
• A “copse” of maples of varying types and sizes
• The Canadian Maple which is now about 50% of its ultimate size
• An old (50years?) plum tree
• Two Star-wars Magnolias which are covered in flower (if the bower birds leave them alone)

We hope you find the garden as relaxing to wander through as we do.

Ted and Lorraine Angel