17 Garland Road

“Buying this just over 1 acre property was a “Love at first sight” decision for us. We fell in love with the property the moment we stepped out of our
car at the first inspection. It was winter but we could imagine what the garden would look like in Spring, Summer and Autumn.
Even in Winter a whole range of beautiful colours met our eyes, from yellow and green to red and silver.

The house and garden were surrounded by a wonderful energy. We could feel the freedom and peace in every corner of this beautiful place on earth.

The soil is very good and every plant we put in is doing very well.

On the northern side at the front of the home were some big old bushes that grew towards the house, nearly touching the walls and the roof.
We removed these bushes as we like to enjoy the healthy energy from the Northern direction. We saved one large Lilac bush that was overcrowded and
as a result are now we are able to enjoy the dark violet flowers, the wonderful perfume and the butterflies in Spring.

As we like roses, we created a rose and lavender garden with a bird bath in the centre. On the other side a Gardenia plant was totally hidden under some
other bushes. We freed this Gardenia and it is now growing behind the bird bath, together with the roses and lavender, rewarding us with beautiful big
yellow shiny blossoms.

The perfumes and colours of this lovely combination are amazing and we placed a water fountain not far from this circular rose garden.

We changed the entry to our driveway as one of the trees was damaged and the area was overgrown with Poison Ivy. We had to remove the tree and free the
surrounding soil of ivy roots. We then re-designed this area for the garden and planted new trees and scrubs.

In the back yard we had to replace some Proteas and native plants because they were old and suffered from storm damage.

We have a lot of orchids, flowers and bushes in pots and under trees. There are many romantic hiding spots and paths in the back yard. We decorated some places with different sculptures and we have the feeling that they create an even more lovely energy flow around the garden. We built some Sandstone benches in the shade under the trees, an ideal place for a rest and to escape the midday sun. Some wooden and iron benches are placed in different areas of the property overlooking the gardens with the native plants, old big wonderful looking trees and bushes and the abundant colourful bird

Attila and Elke