16 Forward Crescent –  GEOFF & CHRISTINE’S STORY

We have a lifelong love of the Australian bush, and lived on the land rearing sheep and cattle.
Our farms near Braidwood and Goulburn gave us the opportunity to develop native gardens that blended with creeks, forest backdrops and native wildlife.

During our time in Goulburn, amongst the open farmland and surrounding forest, we set about designing a more formal front garden with a fountain bought as a birthday gift.
Sadly, by 2006 we had experienced years of drought, and decided to call it quits and move to Bundanoon.

Why Bundanoon; we felt at home in the quiet rural and village setting, moist cool climate and rain all year round, Moreton national Park on our doorstep, the best of everthing we love all rolled into one.
We chose our block of land, including the resident kangaroos and abundance of native birds.
We were more excited about planning the garden than having the house built, and set about planting trees before the building pegs were in the ground.

Taking advantage of the local surrounding and perfect climate we set about designing our dream gardens, European formal at the front and Oriental/Asian woodland with wetland plants at the back.

As a remembrance of gardens left behind, we utilised natural landscape materials from the farm, and poor struggling trees and shrubs we thought deserved a second or third chance to form the beginning and structure of the Oriental /Asian woodland.
Evergreen Australian trees, shrubs, ferns and local sandstone blend beautifully together with the deciduous oriental plants, providing shelter in the summer and sunlight in the winter.
In spring and autumn the woodland displays nature’s vivid colours, in winter the trees are bare exposing the wondrous shapes and textures of the trunks and branches.
In summer every shade of green imaginable engulfs the garden, leaves and branches reach out in every direction, filling and filtering open spaces which provides shelter for azaleas and similar plants. The garden also becomes a cool protected haven for the native lizards, frogs, insects, and copious birdlife who sit amongst the trees, or on specially made bamboo perches placed outside from our kitchen window. The birds love to sip and splash in water ponds nestled in and around the garden, keeping company with special characters and objects that hide amongst the lush ferns and mossy rocks.

Our precious fountain once again takes centre place in the formal garden set amongst a pebbled footpath, surrounded by rambling roses and lampposts for a romantic evening effect. Grecian columns, handmade with love by the owners, support a wooden trellis where ‘Pierre De Ronsard ‘ climbing roses trail and seem to flower forever. The garden then extends to an open park complete with mythical statues and urns. The park is planted with deciduous and evergreen trees, and one of our favourites, flowering apricots which produce a showy display of vibrant pink flowers in the middle of winter. An area of the formal garden is adorned with twisted willow trees and swamp cypress in all forms and sizes, planted specifically to address seepage caused by an underground spring; all are growing well. With their unusual rusty autumn colour and textured bark, the swamp cypress makes a spectacular show in the garden.
Native birds and kangaroos take it all in their stride, often stopping to admire the architecture whilst bathing or grazing

Also our love of things past, and pioneer heritage is reflected in our outdoor entertaining area, glorious stained glass windows, cast iron wood stove, farm utensils and tools from a bygone era; many still used with pride.

An open plan house with large windows, allows both gardens to be viewed in situ, and yet from inside gives the illusion of the gardens blending, being a part off and passing through the home. Both gardens have presented their own unique challenges, are a continuous work in progress, but have learnt so much along the journey and would love to share.

For your pleasure we introduce you to some of our garden content.

Silk Tree [albizia julibrissin]

Swamp Cypress [taxodium disticium]


Dwarf Japanese Pines



Dwarf Flowering Peach

flowering crab apples

winter flowering apricot

pineapple guavau

tulip tree

silver birch standard & weeping.

zelkova serrata japanese elm.

scatterd azealeas rhododendrons .

japanese maples wheeping standard l; paper bark.

acer negundos (box elder maple)

persian whitch hazel (ironwood)

forest pansy (cersis canadensis)

lace lady (robinia pseudoacacia – twisted dwarf black locust )

pomegranate (punica granatum)

assorted ferns -palms-bulbs

a feature of flowering cherries

japanese cedar

evergreen alder

hankercheif tree [davidia invocucrata]

willow leaf pear [pyrus salicifolia]

texas honey locust gleditsia x texana thorns & all.