107 Railway Avenue

I bought the house in 2006 and started the garden in 2007 and except for a few trees on the boundary the garden was a blank canvas. I started the garden with the “no dig” system. So began my unorganised cottage garden. I have lots of roses throughout the garden in informal planting. I had structures built to give height which now are covered with roses and clematis. There is no planning going on just planting at will. I put bags of curleys compost, blood and bone then mulch. I never use sprays. I lime in winter and prune roses in June. This is an “old ladies” garden and gives me great pleasure and keeps me active and bending over.

The roses in my garden are Cl. Crepescule on side wall and Buff Beauty and Seduction in front garden. Cl. Across front of the house. At the back a standard crepes clue and over the arch is Cl.Angel Face Pierre de Ronsard with clematis climbing through. Pinkie and yellow banksia grow over the garage. Other flowering plants are the mollus azaleas, weeping cherries, crabapple, magnolia Michelin which is white flowering and evergreen. White magnolia, standard maples and wisteria, aquilegias, irises, delphiniums, foxgloves and annuals fill in lots of spaces.

Noelene Hutcheson