1 – 3 Fidelis St Bundanoon

I bought my house in 2000. There were no gardens, only strategically placed trees that prevented all winter sun from touching the house. My first move was to have these insignificant trees removed. I then had a blank page to work with.

The first thing was to improve the very poor and impoverished soil.I started adding cow manure, blood and bone and any vegetable matter I could get hold of.Then the backbone of the garden went in. I planted 200 camellias, intermingled with rhododendrons, mollis azaleas and assorted small trees and shrubs.

Over the years hard features have been added, a pond, pergola, gazebo, stone wall and various other bits and pieces.I have put at 180,000 litres of cow manure, 90,000litres of blood and bone and tons of vegetable matter. I`m still adding.

My garden is especially pretty in spring and summer and full of colour.

Gardening is my passion, every aspect of it,even weeding, only because of the end result. It is certainly very good for the body and mind.

Cosette Morris