‘Nova Scotia’  Yuille Ave, Bundanoon

 This seven acre property is a delight of rambling, hidden nooks and hidey holes and old well established gardens.  It has been worked on and improved over many decades.  The owner declares that the soil is amazing and everything grows well even unusual species like jacarandas.

Recently a landscape architect was employed to create a plan for the garden and now the garden is taking the form of different rooms.  It is continually a work in progress.  This garden is peaceful and so enjoyable to ramble around with its various sitting areas, fire pits and quite contemplative areas.  It is easy to find the old parts of the garden and watch out for the fairies which may be found behind a camellia or rhododendron.

There are large species of Tulip trees, pears, jacaranda, stag horn, Geebung, conifers, numerous camellias and rhododendrons as well azaleas, hebes, roses, tree ferns, ground covers all giving the appearance of a wild untamed and interesting garden.