“Duck Crossing”  132 Erith St, Bundanoon

“Duck Crossing” is a relatively new garden and a work in progress.  The property size is 2,227 sq metres and when purchased 2 and ½ years ago by the new owners, it had just a few trees newly planted and a straight garden down one side of the property.  The gardens have been extended and new gardens created along the driveway, around the house and along the neighbour’s fence line.

The soil has was reasonably good but has had a lot of improvement with compost, chook and cow manure as well as straw and sugar cane.  The no dig vegetable garden has been placed centre and front of the property to make the most of the all day sun and is thriving providing lots of fresh vegies for the table.  The owners who moved from the Blue Mountains found that most of the same plants grew well in the Southern Highlands such as camellias, natives, herbs, vegies etc.  Also planted are bulbs, cherries, clematis and crabapples.  Having two gardeners working on the garden there are little areas where differences are obvious.  Ruth, who had a show garden in the Blue Mountains, loves her cottage plants and Asian garden and Margaret, her daughter, is very much into the vegetables and herbs as well as natives.  She also has a large variety of salvias.  There are wonderful pockets of discovery to be made in this delightful garden.