8 Elmswood Crt, Bundanoon

“Forget-me-knots are not weeds but rather emblems of cherished memories” says the owner of this beautiful garden.  The garden is also about people, people who have contributed to the garden and the plants which are memorials to lost loved ones.  On ½ acre and over seven years this magnificent garden full of roses, hydrangeas, penstemon and salvias has been established.   The soil was improved with loads of compost and mulch and previously in the ramble where arbours of polypipe supported the roses, now more solid structures have been erected to support the weight of these thriving plants.  Around every corner is a new delight with garden beds full of colour and filled with nepeta, salvia, iris, roses and lavender.  Mature trees are dotted throughout the garden, a large eucalypt gives summer shade and deciduous trees such as maples and tulip allow winter sun to warm the garden.  A crab apple walk leads to rose and clematis covered arches.  Almost everything in the garden commemorates a special occasion or is a gift from a friend including camellias, cherry , lilac and many roses and a magnolia. There is a very special planting of five birches.