69 Old Wingello Rd, Bundanoon

 Nineteen years ago when this block was bought originally it was a grassy padddock with a large stand of eucalypts and traversed by a stream on which were a dam and a bridge.  Major tree planting took place 15 years ago…these trees are oaks, linden, tulip, nyssa, pear, poplars and rhododendrons.  The garden was a weekend garden until 10 years ago and then the more formal areas were laid out around the house. The garden on the embankment beside the front of the house was established 4 years ago and features a border of prunus and traversed by a gravel path and protected by a row of poplars. The owners have now lived in the house for only 3 years and the rest of the gardens have been established within the last year.  Heavy clay soil has been improved by dolomite, compost, blood and bone and mulching. Soil has been imported for raised beds and all done by hand.  Stored rainwater is used for the garden so all the plantings are hardy and drought tolerant. In Spring there is a lovely display of white blossom on the avenue of pear trees and pink prunus followed by crabapples and cherries.  Tulips, daffodils and other bulbs complete the garden.