10b Elmswood Crt, Bundanoon

 This 1300sq mt garden lies at the end of a cul de sac beautifully private from surrounding neighbours and entered by a drive lined with roses.  There are 34 old fashioned roses all planted by the previous owners,  among which,  for the rose connoisseurs are the varieties Bonica, Just Joey, Spirit of Peace, Brigadoon, Angel Face, Pascali and Rosa Verdi just to mention a few and they make a spectacular showing.  The new owners took over the garden 4 years ago and have since established many new garden beds.  They have added loads of compost and approx 2 tonnes of premium garden soil finishing off with sugar cane mulch.  Consequently everything is growing perfectly.     More trees (alders, a crabapple, magnolias, prunis and flamingo maples) were planted and the amount of lawn was reduced.  Grass that would not grow under shady trees was replaced by pebbles. Plants putting on a wonderful spring show are hydrangeas, irises, salvias, geraniums, penstemon, ajuga, lavenders, sedum, violas and hellebores. There is also an extensive vegetable garden which provides produce year round and the asparagus should be ready for harvest at ramble time.  The owner considers herself a gardener on ‘L plates’ but has had so much help from friends who have shared their knowledge with her as well as plants and cuttings.