10 Viewland St, Bundanoon

This lovely cottage was originally a timber cutter’s cottage dating back to 1906 and was placed in its current position before the road was built hence its proximity to the road.  The original north facing garden was overplanted with large trees making it very dark and damp.  Golden privet bushes, an enormous monstera, a forest of nandina and a huge Japanese cypress were removed to open the area to the sun as well as many weeds.  The soil is deep black, sandy loam and had the benefit of years of leaf litter.  Over the years it has been improved with compost and varied types of mulch. The plan for the garden was to be low maintenance, floral and no emphasis on vegetables.

The large remaining trees in the garden are Japanese maple, prunus, hornbeam, liquidambar and claret ash.  The plan was for a circular pattern starting and finishing at 2 brick walls incorporating the wisteria pergola.  Lawn is gradually being replaced by dichondra which is growing well. Other trees planted more recently include Magnolia Grandiflora Exmouth, Malus Floribunda and Bradford Pears. There is a delightful woodland area, a rose arbour, a spruce bed and wisteria walk and according to the owner still a work in progress.