Our wonderful featured gardens for 2014 are listed below. Please click the relevant tab on the ”Gardens” menu above, or the links on this page to go visit each garden’s page to read all about it and enjoy some delightful images.

8 Elmswood Court, Bundanoon

“Forget-me-knots are not weeds but rather emblems of cherished memories” says the owner of this beautiful garden.  The garden is also about people, people who have contributed to the garden and the plants which are memorials to lost loved ones.  On ½ acre and over seven years this magnificent garden full of roses, hydrangeas, penstemon and salvias has been established.   The soil was improved with loads of compost and mulch and previously in the ramble where arbours of polypipe supported the roses, now more solid structures have been erected to support the weight of these thriving plants.  Around every corner is a new delight with garden beds full of colour and filled with nepeta, salvia, iris, roses and lavender.  Mature trees are dotted throughout the garden, a large eucalypt gives summer shade and deciduous trees such as maples and tulip allow winter sun to warm the garden.  A crab apple walk leads to rose and clematis covered arches.  Almost everything in the garden commemorates a special occasion or is a gift from a friend including camellias, cherry , lilac and many roses and a magnolia. There is a very special planting of five birches.

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10 Viewland Street, Bundanoon

This lovely cottage was originally a timber cutter’s cottage dating back to 1906 and was placed in its current position before the road was built hence its proximity to the road.  The original north facing garden was overplanted with large trees making it very dark and damp.  Golden privet bushes, an enormous monstera, a forest of nandina and a huge Japanese cypress were removed to open the area to the sun as well as many weeds.  The soil is deep black, sandy loam and had the benefit of years of leaf litter.  Over the years it has been improved with compost and varied types of mulch. The plan for the garden was to be low maintenance, floral and no emphasis on vegetables.

The large remaining trees in the garden are Japanese maple, prunus, hornbeam, liquidambar and claret ash.  The plan was for a circular pattern starting and finishing at 2 brick walls incorporating the wisteria pergola.  Lawn is gradually being replaced by dichondra which is growing well. Other trees planted more recently include Magnolia Grandiflora Exmouth, Malus Floribunda and Bradford Pears. There is a delightful woodland area, a rose arbour, a spruce bed and wisteria walk and according to the owner still a work in progress.

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10b Elmswood Court, Bundanoon

 This 1300sq mt garden lies at the end of a cul de sac beautifully private from surrounding neighbours and entered by a drive lined with roses.  There are 34 old fashioned roses all planted by the previous owners,  among which,  for the rose connoisseurs are the varieties Bonica, Just Joey, Spirit of Peace, Brigadoon, Angel Face, Pascali and Rosa Verdi just to mention a few and they make a spectacular showing.  The new owners took over the garden 4 years ago and have since established many new garden beds.  They have added loads of compost and approx 2 tonnes of premium garden soil finishing off with sugar cane mulch.  Consequently everything is growing perfectly.     More trees (alders, a crabapple, magnolias, prunis and flamingo maples) were planted and the amount of lawn was reduced.  Grass that would not grow under shady trees was replaced by pebbles. Plants putting on a wonderful spring show are hydrangeas, irises, salvias, geraniums, penstemon, ajuga, lavenders, sedum, violas and hellebores. There is also an extensive vegetable garden which provides produce year round and the asparagus should be ready for harvest at ramble time.  The owner considers herself a gardener on ‘L plates’ but has had so much help from friends who have shared their knowledge with her as well as plants and cuttings.

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28 Durham Lane, Bundanoon

 This beautiful five acre property is accessed by a magnificent Manchurian Pear lined drive underplanted with agapanthas.  Three acres are under garden.  It was planned and planted by the original owners 18 years ago and the new owners have added their touches in the last year.

Much of the garden is formal with its large hedges and structured rose garden.  Shrubs and trees are shaped and maintained.  A beautiful wisteria walk and arbour provides a family entertaining area and a pizza oven is a new feature. Last year 8000 daffodils were planted along the drive.  Privacy is maintained by conifer hedges and box hedges in the parterre tradition welcome visitors to the front terrace. Large expanses of green lawn give the property a park like appearance and close to the entry is a superb dam.

At the rear of the house is a large vegetable garden which provides produce year round with an abundance of chillies, tomatoes and pumpkins just a few of the vegies available. No pasture improvement has been necessary as there is an effective irrigation system servicing the property and keeping it lush and green as well as a weekly gardener who provides ongoing maintenance.

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30 Rosenthal Avenue, Bundanoon

Previously in the ramble this one acre garden now has new owners and a decision was made along with gardener, Kurt Singer, to create a less formal garden with the removal of many trees to make room for garden beds with a variety of perennials and an emphasis on colour. With expansive views of Morton National Park this garden still has formal elements such as an avenue of Manchurian pears clipped  teucrium and box hedges  and stone walls throughout enclosing garden beds of roses, hellebores, hydrangeas, and many and varied shrubs.  The newly established cottage garden beds include salvias, echinaceas, dahlias, irises, ajuga, buddleia, lamb’s ears and native grasses as well as lots of bulbs.  The lily pond and gazebo are beautiful additions to the garden.  Wander, sit a while, and enjoy the spectacular views and the ambience of this gorgeous garden.

 An added attraction in this garden is a display of classic Austin Healeys, including a Sebring Works car, one of only five in the world.

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69 Old Wingello Road, Bundanoon

 Nineteen years ago when this block was bought originally it was a grassy padddock with a large stand of eucalypts and traversed by a stream on which were a dam and a bridge.  Major tree planting took place 15 years ago…these trees are oaks, linden, tulip, nyssa, pear, poplars and rhododendrons.  The garden was a weekend garden until 10 years ago and then the more formal areas were laid out around the house. The garden on the embankment beside the front of the house was established 4 years ago and features a border of prunus and traversed by a gravel path and protected by a row of poplars. The owners have now lived in the house for only 3 years and the rest of the gardens have been established within the last year.  Heavy clay soil has been improved by dolomite, compost, blood and bone and mulching. Soil has been imported for raised beds and all done by hand.  Stored rainwater is used for the garden so all the plantings are hardy and drought tolerant. In Spring there is a lovely display of white blossom on the avenue of pear trees and pink prunus followed by crabapples and cherries.  Tulips, daffodils and other bulbs complete the garden.

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‘Duck Crossing’ 130 Erith Street, Bundanoon

“Duck Crossing” is a relatively new garden and a work in progress.  The property size is 2,227 sq metres and when purchased 2 and ½ years ago by the new owners, it had just a few trees newly planted and a straight garden down one side of the property.  The gardens have been extended and new gardens created along the driveway, around the house and along the neighbour’s fence line.

The soil has was reasonably good but has had a lot of improvement with compost, chook and cow manure as well as straw and sugar cane.  The no dig vegetable garden has been placed centre and front of the property to make the most of the all day sun and is thriving providing lots of fresh vegies for the table.  The owners who moved from the Blue Mountains found that most of the same plants grew well in the Southern Highlands such as camellias, natives, herbs, vegies etc.  Also planted are bulbs, cherries, clematis and crabapples.  Having two gardeners working on the garden there are little areas where differences are obvious.  Ruth, who had a show garden in the Blue Mountains, loves her cottage plants and Asian garden and Margaret, her daughter, is very much into the vegetables and herbs as well as natives.  She also has a large variety of salvias.  There are wonderful pockets of discovery to be made in this delightful garden.

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‘Nova Scotia’  Yuille Avenue, Bundanoon

 This seven acre property is a delight of rambling, hidden nooks and hidey holes and old well established gardens.  It has been worked on and improved over many decades.  The owner declares that the soil is amazing and everything grows well even unusual species like jacarandas.

Recently a landscape architect was employed to create a plan for the garden and now the garden is taking the form of different rooms.  It is continually a work in progress.  This garden is peaceful and so enjoyable to ramble around with its various sitting areas, fire pits and quite contemplative areas.  It is easy to find the old parts of the garden and watch out for the fairies which may be found behind a camellia or rhododendron.

There are large species of Tulip trees, pears, jacaranda, stag horn, Geebung, conifers, numerous camellias and rhododendrons as well azaleas, hebes, roses, tree ferns, ground covers all giving the appearance of a wild untamed and interesting garden.

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