Garden 8

2A Lorna Close

Tall, thick hedges frame  (or hide) a garden of grassy spaces, secret corners, winding pathways lined with masses of plants.  Softly curving low hedges lead you to ‘rooms’ and whispering trees.   The sunny patio with a clever Star Jasmine in a diamond pattern, the rare trees, sculptured borders and restful garden gazebos create a visual feast.  As you wander, you will find remnants of Laurel’s  Pottery Era in pretty tiles hanging off trees or the hat sitting on a bench and the face, which sometimes hides in the greenery.

This is a garden that manages to be simultaneously both spacious and intimate.  It’s peaceful and practical with a fabulous chook house and working vegetable garden.  Colourful, playful and full of surprises, each garden room is different but subtly linked.   Set on one acre, this garden feels so much bigger with so much to see and do.   Laurels garden combines the exotic and unusual with traditional planting.

Garden feature  – Susan Davison Pottery and Laurel Hones second hand garden book sale