Garden Eight

A very interesting garden of exotics and natives that has been constantly changing!

The original lawns have been increasingly overtaken by shrubs and plant beds which surround the  Canadian style timber chalet home. The aim is to provide a habitat for small birds and plenty of flowers for the bees.

The garden showcases a large variety of plants chosen for their colour, structure or interest.

Many of them have been gathered from friends, bought at plant stalls or online.

The latest addition is a chicken coop with two lovely Sussex hens that are proving a huge draw card for grandchildren and adults alike!

Various buildings add a different dimension to the garden and provide seating for relaxation and contemplation.

Raised beds and fruit trees are scattered throughout the garden to mimic nature and provide organic fruit and vegetables.

The owners have used mulch and ground covers to create a low maintenance garden that isn’t a burden and is a nature playground for their grandchildren.