Garden Seven

This is a cool climate garden that follows a circular path at the back of the house.

Changes over the years have resulted in plantings dictated by the remaining mature trees – Japanese Maple, Prunus, Hornbeam, Liquidambar and Claret Ash.

The initial constructions made to give the garden structure, were two low walls, the Wisteria pergola and the garden path.

The path, when built, created a small woodland garden under the shade of the Prunus and Hornbeam which then leads through a Rose arbor and Wisteria walk.

The garden thrives due to the beautiful deep loamy soil resulting from many years of leaves  falling from deciduous trees.

The shade has meant that it is difficult to grow a lawn so the owner is currently cultivating Dichondra and English Lawn Daisies as a substitute.

The philosophy behind the gardening came from reading Cheryl Maddock’s book

“Let the garden go.” The result being a loose relaxed garden style where plants are free to ramble with no soil visible. Even in Spring it  is not designed to be a garden of great colour, but a cool, green, calm oasis which as a shady garden is manageable with about 2hrs upkeep a week.

Some visitors may have seen the garden in 2014, but will be drawn to a return visit.

New garden lovers will immediately feel the cool serenity of this delightful space and will want to remain and spend time to enjoy.

A must when planning this garden was the ability to have a green treetop view from the large room and deck overlooking it. This has been achieved and many hours are spent looking over this garden or sitting on a bench under the Hornbeam, taking in the peace and tranquility.