Garden 6

4 Greasons Road

This garden is mostly in full sun, allowing the owners to focus on roses and perennials; the ultimate effect cottage garden-ish.  It is also partly a work in progress as the old driveway is being converted into garden bed, lawn and veggie plot. The heavy clay means a continual delivery of compost to boost the soil.  The owners have been careful that the original character of the garden remains with the addition of a granny flat.

The original Rose collection was mainly David Austins, and to that has been added a number of other roses, from Polyanthas to Heritage roses that are repeat flowering and scented. While the roses are the backbone, the perennials give the whole garden character and interest. It is lovely and bare in winter, then the abundance of new growth and flowers gains momentum through spring and summer till the perennials peak, followed by the crispness of autumn colour.  This garden is pretty, delicate and detailed.