Garden 4

34 Bromhall Road

A garden of good bones is how the owner describes this elegant and uncluttered space.  With well constructed block walls and generous spaces, the garden is in its early stages of development, influenced by the owner’s love of France. Many loads of soil, compost, leaves, blood and bone, with dolomite have been added to the heavy clay soil here. Black Velvet and Pierre de Roussard join the many climbing roses.   Helebores galore surround a weeping cherry, crab apples and healthy lavender in the sun drenched back yard. This garden suffers heavy frosts, and the owner is on a learning curve! The heated glasshouse is home to lemon trees in the winter.  Also thriving in the glasshouse are cymbidium orchids, catllyeas, dendrobiums and sarcochilies.  The owner’s husband was a world orchid judge so these are a living reminder of him.

Garden feature –  Ruffart Sculptures