Garden 5

 10 Forward Close

This 2000 sqm property was purchased by the owners in 2008 and they started to convert the lawns into gardens in the autumn of 2009.  There were no gardens to speak of at the time.

The aim was to create a series of connected gardens, each with their own style and character – borders, a cottage garden, a native garden, a more formal rose garden, extensive parterre-style vegetable garden and a Japanese inspired garden complete with Sango Kaku and weeping cherries.

The garden features a number of rare Japanese hydrangeas and bamboos, some creative structures, dwarf conifers and interesting cold climate plants such as Kalmia augustifolis and dwarf rhododendrons.

Spring colour is provided by blossom trees, flowing annuals and perennials, azaleas, camellias and new leaves on the weeping maples.

Reflecting our changing climate a dry garden is being developed trialling drought-resistant plants such as grasses.