Garden 3

9 Bromhall Road

This north facing garden is bathed in sunlight.  It was established 12 years ago, the current owner becoming “custodian” two years ago after falling in love with the garden. Ornamental pears, blossoms, maples, magnolias and camellias feature throughout. The colour pallet represented by every shade of green with splashes of silvers and reds. The back garden now features a gazebo that sits proudly overlooking all. The number of plants has more then doubled with a wide variety of natives, ornamentals, bulbs and annuals. More than 250 pots surround the house with colour. A new water feature and an eclectic collection of garden ornaments and statues abound.

Ramble weekend should see amazing colour with azaleas, daisies, irises, lavender, roses and rhododendrons in bloom. The garden does not conform to any strict rules. The plants are allowed to be individuals – nature its sculptor.

Pretty, comfortable, relaxing, abundant and nonconforming is how the owner describes the garden – still very much a work in progress by a gardener still on his green Ps.