Garden Four

On Gardening Australia in 2014 Costa Georgiadis described this garden as “the garden of tranquility”. Visitors to Bryngarrd will be sure to agree with this.

A garden which has developed from a blank canvas in 2007 to a mature garden with a kaleidoscope of features. This evolution has occurred slowly with the aim to create a space to feel enveloped by nature coupled with a sense of mystery!

The rear garden is based on a desire to explore structure and texture with the plants complemented by stone, timber and water. It is a series of rooms, each linked by paths to encourage the curious to want to see what’s next!

Colour blocking provided by the splendid yellow of Acacias, the white and lilac of Wisterias and the range of Azalea and Camellias colours, backed by the seasonal hues of Maples,  is a visual delight.

Changes are occurring all the time, especially since last in the Ramble in 2011, with new spaces being developed or renewed – the fern garden, native garden and larger perimeter trees are such that have been improved.

Specimen trees include: Elm, Nyssa, Weeping Cherry, Japanese Maples and Manchurian Pear.  Clump bamboos add a serene feel  to the Japanese garden through which runs a  small stream in front of the tea house.

This garden provides a myriad of plants and trees, native and exotic with greens, colours and brown hues. Visitors in Spring will be delighted by Roses, Camellias, Wisterias, carpets of Violets and flowering Perennials.

Unique to the garden are three maquettes sculptures, which encourage close inspection for their three dimensional qualities.

Gardening has been described as one of the best activities a human can do for both mental and physical health!

With this in mind, the gardener calls the garden ‘his spiritual director as he is constantly reminded by the garden, the need for patience and the lack of control one has over plants.’