Garden 2

Paxyongton – 12 Garland Road

Paxyongton’s 2.25 acres of undulating park-like grounds had been part of cleared pasture land of a dairy farm until the early 1980s when trees were planted enthusiastically around the new house. Tall specimen trees, deliberately planted to create intrigue, are offset by smaller trees and shrubs. The mood of the property is harmonious and tranquil. Separate spaces for rest and contemplation are scattered around and the two fire-pit areas take advantage of the more protected spaces for sitting around the outdoor fire in the evening.

The winding driveway under a canopy of large Stringybark, Robinia and Sequoia trees, gives glimpses of the Blue Spruce, Brewer Spruce, Tulip, Chinese Elm, ​Liquidambar, Japanese Red Maple, Silver Birch and Monterey Radiata trees.

Look out for the Corkscrew Willow, Handkerchief tree, Chinese Snowball Viburnum, Coast Redwood, Cotoneaster and the Weeping Cherry Blossom. Perennials, bulbs, ​Buddleias, Azaleas, Camellias and Rhododendrons provide brilliant and fresh Spring colours, and the deciduous trees provide glorious Autumn hues.

The garden provides a sanctuary for the owners, resident possum, wombat, lyrebirds and king parrots.

Garden feature – the Lions club café and Penny K Willow Weaving