Garden Three

Love at first sight was what the owners felt when they saw this property in 2015!

Described by them as like ‘a Michelangelo discovering his David in his block of stone!’

A large winding garden, two acres in size, welcomes the visitor firstly by walking past a big calm pond sitting majestically in the front and then backdropped by a hill that forms a protective wrap at the rear of the home.

A combination of formality and natural land flow bring character; winding lines of pruned hedges and stone walls create curving corridors. A mini maze leads you to a grove of fruit trees behind which a gated vegetable garden containing raised beds, provide an organic bounty.

The focus for the garden in 2015 was to restore it to the peak of design, reclaiming it from overgrowth, mould and rot. Paths were freed from weeds and redefined with fresh mulch, bridges were rebuilt and some trees were sacrificed to allow others to breathe. Beds were planted and the previously dry stream now runs through the block. The large front pond cleaned of scum and debris has been given a fountain which is a spectacular centrepiece!

Majestic Birches arch over the curving driveway, native plants and gum trees line the meandering paths so the garden feels like an oasis in the outback.

One of their favourite views from the home is looking over the architectural beauty of the mature Grass Trees; so uniquely Australian! Not a garden containing pretty plants but one that reflects the beauty of natural  bushland and trees, interlaced with productive plants.

The garden owners feel the hours of daily labour required to maintain the garden not only keeps them fit both in body and spirit but rewards them beyond measure. Treasured moments spent sitting on the ‘jetty’ overlooking the pond whilst watching a family of ducks or glimpsing the white crane restore calm to their lives.

The garden is the sanctuary for the owners. A bit of paradise that they share with delight with wombats, possums, lyre birds, rosellas, kookaburras, cockatoos, ducks, blue tongued lizards and frogs.