Garden One

A house steeped in history as far back as 1850’s has formed the backdrop for the acre garden that is forming a lovely space for the owners who purchased it in 2015.

Acknowledging that they were new to gardening and wishing to do justice to the wonderful renovated house,  they sought advice as to how to design the rear garden and blend it to the existing garden.This involved incorporating with an outdoor pergola area together with a fruit and kitchen garden.

The wisteria that winds its way around the bullnose verandah provides a stunning show in October. Added to this are the aged oak trees that give beautiful shade in the warmer months plus open the garden up in cooler times. Japanese Maple, Red Maple and Ornamental Pear on the northern side of the house are favourites.

In spring the garden will shine with Flowering Cherry, Japanese Crabapple, Daisies and Azaleas  intermingled with special garden objects.

Areas of contemplation change with the seasons; the bullnose verandah overlooking the northern garden is a special place early morning and evenings. The rear pergola is a space for entertaining or just for a reflective cuppa or meal, with the fire pit providing an area of quiet ambiance during the cooler months.

Learning from this experience and appreciating the history of this home has meant a lot to the garden owners. To respect the home, they have ensured the original old mud bricks and different trees planted over the years have been kept.

The owners are enjoying the journey as the garden grows, benefiting from added knowledge, love, time and attention.